Failure to Launch – Not an Option™

College Career Mentoring Program

Now What???Doting mid-life parents who want to avoid ‘the boomerang kid’ effect, preserve their home equity and retirement savings, and set the stage so their teens launch fabulously in college with professional careers they love are turning to College and Career Strategist Elizabeth Venturini.

Failure to Launch – Not an Option™ College Career Mentoring Program is all about YOU and YOUR teens. You love your teens and want the best for them.  The last thing you want is for your teen to wind up in a dead end job that won’t allow her to have the kind of life she has been fortunate to enjoy up until now – thanks to you. You are worried about what happens when she is out on her own. Will she earn enough to make a decent living doing something she loves?

And, the truth is, you are too busy with your own high-octane career to be able to invest enough time to investigate with your teen the options that will open the right doors to opportunity. If this sounds like you, welcome. Help is close at hand.

With Failure to Launch – Not an Option™ College Career Mentoring Program, parents with high hopes for their teens’ success turn to Elizabeth Venturini to serve as their teens’ secret weapon to help guide them to learn essential skills so they can learn how to:

  • Plan ahead to make certain their academic credentials match their career aspirations
  • Look and speak the part to prepare for college admissions and career interviews
  • Show they are confident and graceful as they behave and dine their way to success by their own definition

 What Sets Failure to Launch – Not an Option™
College Career Mentoring
Apart From
Other Programs

Would you and your teen like to make a college decision based on fact not hype?  Not have to take on a second job as a college search manager? Help your teen stand out in the admissions process?  Guide your teen toward a college major and career path that will earn her/him a decent living? Show your teen how to successfully present herself/himself for college admissions and future job interviews?

It’s a whole lot easier when you stop going it alone!

Using today’s technology such as Skype or with a conference call you receive high touch service anywhere in the world.  Failure to Launch – Not an Option™ College Career Mentoring Program puts YOUR specific needs front and center.

  • You will have the information you need to know which college you should invest your hard earned money based on your criteria
  • You will be able to maintain your effectiveness at your job and keep precious time to be the parent instead of taking on a second job as a college search manager
  • You and your teen will get help managing the college application process so your teen won’t miss important deadlines
  • You will help your teen apply their current personal strengths towards a college major that could lead to a career path so s/he can earn a decent living after college graduation
  • You will help your teen learn how to present himself/herself for the college admissions process and for future jobs
  • You and your teen will both discuss college and career concerns with someone who is focused on your teen’s success

Contact Elizabeth at, phone (949) 636-9055 to schedule your session now. It might be the most important phone call you make for your teen’s college education.





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